MRS Communications

MRS Communications

Editor(s): Rigoberto C. Advincula Case Western Reserve University, USA

Frequency: Annual
ISSN: 2159-6859
e-ISSN: 2159-6867

The Materials Research Society, in partnership with Cambridge University Press, present MRS Communications.

Title information

MRS Communications is an archival journal that publishes high-impact materials research with timeliness and scientific quality in the style of the Materials Research Society. Its editorial policies promote rapid online publication of results and rigorous peer review. Major article types include research letters, “prospectives” papers, correspondence and commentaries.

“Prospectives” are a unique feature of this Journal and offering a succinct and forward-looking review of topics of interest to a broad materials research readership. This modern journal features advanced on-line publication, in full color, acceptance of supplemental materials, and multimedia content. MRS Communications leverages the deep technical expertise of leading MRS members among its editorial board and reviewers under the initial governance of a team of Founding Editors, and the advanced author and reader publication services and academic standing offered by Cambridge Journals.

2013 Impact Factor: 1.553

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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